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Taking the Hassle out of your direct mail advertising!

Are you looking to expand your business? 

Would you like to reach more potential clients/customers and let them know of the products or services that you provide? 

It is proven that Direct Mail is the best way to market to potential customers. 
Lists, Inc can help you.  Don’t wait another minute.

Choose your best target market



​Your clients can be any resident or individuals with specific demographics, LIsts Inc. has your best target market mailing list available with just a few clicks or a phone call away. 

Our comprehensive consumer list can provide over 111 million households and more than 176 million individuals. This file is completely rebuilt every two months with interim nonthly phone refreshes and suppressions. We start with over 800 million names and addresses compiled from multiple sources including county recorder, county tax assessor files, other compiled lists, and telephone directories. 

Just a few of the choices available to you consist of: 

​- Saturation mailing (Resident/Occupant) within a radius of your business or specific zip codes, carrier routes, area codes, census tract, & more.

-Individuals with demographic selects such as Household age range, Head of Household, Dwelling Unit size, Estimated Income, Head of Household Education, Head of Household Occupation, Children age ranges, Lifestyle data, and much more. 

- Other consumer lists available but not limited to: 

-New Homeowners

-New Movers

-New Borrowers

-Bankruptcy List

-Real Property Advantage file

and much more with many demographics to choose from within each list available. 



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