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Compiled Healthcare Marketing Databases

LISTS is a national compiler of over 43 Healthcare Professions. Our Nurse and Health Care Professional files contain 95% Home addresses and is compiled data. Our direct mailing lists are updated for National Change Of Address (NCOA), CASS certified, DMA Pandered and ZIP+4 coded quarterly, to provide you with the most complete and accurate data and the best value anywhere with a 94% deliverability rate.

Phones are cleansed against the Do Not call daily. 

Maximize Your Revenue With Targeted E-mail Marketing For Healthcare Professionals. 

Please contact our office for the most up to date Email counts. (Not available on the Count System)

Utilize the growing potential of email marketing. As one of the most cost-effective ways of building quality leads, email marketing engages your customers with targeted, personalized and enticing offers. Get the most from your email campaigns with our clean and concise email list databases for the healthcare industry. Ensure the best return for your sends by utilizing a number of demographic variables such as:

Personal Data:

Telephone Number


Vehicle Type

and much more

Geographic Data:


Email Marketing Databases for Quality Campaigns

In todays online world a targeted email program is a must, the LISTS team has the quality email databases and experience you need to produce the leads you need!

All Emails are Opt in and Validated the day you order. 

Are you a Recruiter looking to battle the Healthcare shortage? Check out our healthcare professionals file on our online ordering website to select your specific target.

Contact us at Info@lists-inc.com